About helpchildrenbcn.com


helpchildrenbcn.com was started as a joke among friends while hanging out at the desert outside of San Diego, California.  It evolved and we had some fun with it.  Eventually, we put the business on hold as it was sustainable with one person running it.  Now through the changes in printing and shipping, we found ourselves able to keep the business going again.  

The helpchildrenbcn Guarantee

At helpchildrenbcn.com, we value our reputation for building quality, long-lasting, travel-tested clothing.  We believe that our products should be constructed to handle the rigors of adventure as well as everyday wear and tear.  We understand the importance of a favorite shirt!  Our guarantee is simple.  We stand behind everyone of the products we sell with an unconditional 100% guarantee of your satisfaction.  If anything you purchase does not satisfy you, please reach out to us at [email protected].  You will be required to send the product back to us so we can replace it or refund your money per your request. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.  helpchildrenbcn's owner and customers constantly put helpchildrenbcn products to the test.  Your feedback is needed and requested!  We are constantly evolving our product line in order to bring you the best products.  We value your comments and suggestions.

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